Li Li (Massage + HJ + JG)

高挑漂亮的专业按摩美女,中泰式正宗按摩力道十足,刮痧磨砂和抓根理疗,打飞机的手法让你把持不住!!! 丽丽 is an English Speaking Professional Qualified Masseuse who has many years of massage experience. Her massage is authentic with good skills and techniques and she has good knowledge on the various part of acupoints on your body. Her massage is so good that she is able to cure all your bodyache with her massage knowledge and skills. She is hardworking, has amazing strength, stamina and skills to give you the most powerful and professional massage. Her Full Body Massage covers almost every part of your body with no short cut at all, fully genuine authentic professional massage. She is also trained in doing Manhood Therapy & JG which will help to improve the stamina of your sexual intercourse. Lastly, she will also provide superb stimulating sensual HJ for you to enjoyed. So what are you waiting for, Massage Lover you shouldn’t miss it, call her NOW!!!


English Speaking Pretty Tall Masseuse With Professional Massage Skills, Various Therapy, JuaGen Techniques & Sensual HJ

Full Body Authentic Chinese/Shiatsu Massage (全身中式穴位指压按摩)

Guasha (刮痧)

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★ Please tell her you saw her ads on [sgbeautycastle]! 约她时请说在 [美丽城堡] 看到她的广告! ★

Location: Central (中部)
Environment: Private Apartment With Cozy Room & Toilet Attached

Bio Data
Name: 丽丽 (Li Li)
Age: 29
Looks: Refer to pictures
Height: 1.74m
Weight: 63kg
Boobs: 36’D’
Language Proficiency: Chinese & Simple English

Service Provided
☑ Shower Together [鸳鸯浴] ☑
☑ Full Body Autoroam [全身触摸] ☑
☑ Nude Massage [裸体按摩] ☑
☑ Light Kissing [轻吻] ☑
☑ Head/Neck/Shoulder Massage [头部/颈部/肩部按摩] ☑
☑ Full Body Authentic Chinese/Thai Massage [全身中泰式穴位指压按摩] ☑
☑ Full Body Oil Tuina Massage [全身经络推油推拿] ☑
☑ Lymphatic Drainage Massage [精油开背,全身淋巴排毒] ☑
☑ Back Kneeling / Back Stepping [跪背 / 踩背] ☑
☑ Guasha / Mosha / Baguan [刮痧 / 磨砂 / 拔罐] ☑
☑ Heat Stone Therapy [精油开背,全身淋巴排毒] ☑
☑ Digesting Healthcare Massage [肠胃保养] ☑
☑ Catbath / Sexy Body Massage [漫游 / 性感调情按摩] ☑
☑ Breast Massage [胸推] ☑
☑ Prostate Manhood Massage [前列腺保养] ☑
☑ JuaGen [抓根] ☑
☑ 99 HDLY [99海底捞月 ☑
☑ 69 HJ [69打飞机] ☑
☑ Silk Stocking Seduction / Uniform Seduction [丝袜诱惑 / 制服诱惑] ☑
☑ GFE [女朋友的感觉] ☑

✖ Strictly NOT Allowed: BJ & FJ NOT ALLOWED, and service not listed here, so please respect her!!! Other Intimacy depends on your chemistry with her!!! ✖

Damage: $100/60 mins/Full Body Massage + 2 x HJ (Room Included)
☞ Due to time constraint, it is impossible to finish all the service within the time frame. So you may mix & match the services within the stipulated timing ☜


  1. Place is nice n cozy and was warmly greeted by a beautiful milf who is tall n slim and looks exact like photos posted – what a real delight! This ML is skillful in massage, friendly and can be chatty if u can click well. Overall is among best ml around in this castle, precious, value for money and worth visiting. Five Stars 🇨🇳

  2. “徐娘半老”的丽丽姐姐为人不错, 够温柔体贴,五官身材漂亮,正宗按摩技术也够好,地方干净毛巾卫生无异味。

  3. Lili was one of my favourite milf ML around, real tall, well maintained figure and pretty, skillful BJ, paintable and shaft is relatively tight… but too bad she cut down on many items in her menu during this pandemic for health protection sake. All the best wishing her riding through this tough period.

  4. Pretty MIlF, service good like gold standard and she warmly welcome you and massage you with good strenght for a while before performing rites of latex churning…. This is rare gem that must be visited. RTM is 200%

  5. 离开的时候非常高兴!非凡的体验 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  6. Milf, pretty for her age and is well maintained. Too bad her cafe only serves brunch, dinner and supper, no late lunch snd afternoon tea. No frills just good meal to fill my hunger in a nice setting. Cafe is easy to locate and hygine is good too.

  7. 少妇的努鲁按摩还可以接受但没啥好特别强调之处,服务还算周到够体贴,卫生和按摩也相当不错,可惜姐姐她不搞其他特殊项目要不然保证门庭若市。一般按摩和休息可以放心找丽丽,若想体验到更大胆狂野的服务就必须找逗逗。

  8. SYT may be attractive but MILF is addictive! Pretty looking Lili is like a piece of strong magnet that will pull you back to her n your heart n soul will then be permenantly attached until the day you run dry of cream n milk! Has a well maintained figure, fit, tall n slim n smooth white skin that is blessed with a serpent like motion quality to skillfully slide n glide all over your body with warm nuru gel to make your piston swell n mouth yell for her to continue until you are finally in heaven & hell n burst into estacy! My 90 minutes close encounter with this very experienced ML makes me yearn for more and soon I must return to her for more, cos she had promised to provide me with more hardcore.

  9. 姐姐还真是可以啊!好!感觉性福样样都满意。奴鲁玩久一点更加完美理想。

  10. Lets face it, there is no best massage very few real photo without PS around, but lili is the real MacCoy! Hard to find one who is tall pretty 100% real person photo in makeup, yet attitude and skill are both good to make me return to her playground for more. Place clean and easy to locate, petals are medium and slight darker tone no smell, bJ is powerful and deep enough to sextisfide my desire and hj is slow steady and no rush, can see she enjoy playing with my mandhood. Pity no fJ but she hinted next visit we can play more and have greater fun. Rtm is sure yes.

  11. After read so manny review at first still dont fully believe then by chance at nearby her place near mrt give her a call and make appointment, she offerred NURU i never try before it is something new to me but very enjoyable and shiok i finally release on bed body full of gel and she wipe clean and continue to do a second hand job, love this gal her and will return again next time

  12. 美女漂亮性感激情,按摩手法和口技不错有耐心,主动权全落在她手上任由她摆布直到抽搐爆浆为止。找过她按摩的肯定会回头再让她提供帝王般的服务,对老顾客而言运气好或许还能遇上付费加料的美好时刻,因此务必带毛爷爷去才能享有更好的选择。赞!

  13. This one will sure be killer if she do SM😁 Tall, slim, pretty, seductive and friendy. Bj is not bad Hj very good though sort of SOP, nuru can improve alot, place clean easy to find. Will return again when my dry dry delpeted armies are swiming again.😁

  14. A good place for relaxation but not for Nuru. Tidy, clean, safe, single room with bath, friendy, chatty, no smell, can 69 and more if she is delighted. RTM 100%

  15. Location easy to find place clean and safe, massage with hj is good enuf, others just soso good. Milf is ok look and friendly rtm yes.

  16. Mostly acceptable for massage and nuru, face looks good for milf, bbbj is done patiently but she will inspect your tool carefully before deciding whether to insert, wont reject type. Fairly good value for money, rtm is 7/10 when need KFC for quick fix.👍😄

  17. Real photo and A real gem imo, high class feeling and place is near mrt. Standby extra cash in pocket in case needed to top up for better experience. Nuru is average but overall experience is good, rtm is 100%

  18. 昨天傍晚试过了让我满意的服务,总结是: 美丽大方温柔体贴善解人意,口技和按摩手法都是一流,工作态度好特别服务有耐心让人感觉是在跟情人分享良辰美景好时光。给一百个赞!

  19. Had 1 hour session with her just now with happy ending, hj and massage are above average, she can talk and joke and willng to please. Shocking to see tatoo all over body but thats ok for me, afterall there is so many powerful spirit giving her full protection against AV 😀

  20. 美女身上有很多图案,地点方便靠近地铁,按摩手法可以过关,奴乳也还可以,打灰机不错。推荐指数高。若不是满身符咒会是很完美的女人。

  21. 预约时问过丽丽是否可以穿那红色衣裳给我做按摩,她欣然同意了,当她打开大门时我眼前见到的是一位面带笑容的美丽少妇,当场差点喷了鼻血!我那位小伙伴也立刻挺直了身不断的流口水…总而言之整个人顿时兴奋了起来,紧接着就乖乖听话任由丽丽摆布…直到差点精尽人亡。一定再约!

  22. This middle age ML is pretty same as photo, is real person, friendly, chatty, gentle n easy to break ice. Place easy to find near big shopping complex, room is cosy. Massage skill is good even though most visit her for hj and nuru as main purpose. Imo, a well maintained milf that deserve 8/10 and above.

  23. Must try her nuru, really good and make you feel like a king. Good look and slim body is tall and lots of smile, GFE is high, finish off in 50mins and left her place a happy man. Will bookmark her and return for more

  24. 丽丽高挑又可爱,打个招呼说声嗨,亲切细心有能耐,让人觉得够自在,按摩手法并不坏,奴鲁服务也不赖,特别服务她不卖,回头约见一定再。


  25. Massage is good with strength and room and towel are clean. Lili stay alone in an apartment and prefer not to do Nuru as avertised. She can be chatty and knoiws how to please provided you can click well, can offer more to surprise. HJ is relaxing and i was lucky enough to allow cash topped up for better quality enjoyment …😉🙂 Overall rating is 5 star⭐⭐⭐⭐🌟if she decided to deliver more, such as BBBJ etc … Depends on her mood.

  26. This heavily tatoo lady is tall and pretty, age is mid thirties and can massage well, she is friendly n polite n her abalone has beautiful dark folded flap that is inviting, her HJ is slow n sensous, you will surely fire your round fast if you keep on looking into her eyes during JG. Plac is near MRT and shopping and has ample parking lot….

  27. Managed to fix appointmemt with her during lunch at her easy to find place. She is tall cheerful pretty MILF and we begin with 1st JG/HJ when i lay down on bed for her to milk me slowly, it is both enjoyable and relaxing to look into her mesmering eyes while chat with her and listen to her occasional moarn. Unload my armies soon and proceed with massage which was good. Before time up she asked if i need another HJ and i of course say yes, she then do a 69 HJ and i almost managed to taste her beautiful petals when i lost my control, shoot out and game over… Finally after clean up and shower, i left her place like a soft jelly fish.

  28. Did a full Nuru with Li Li recently and she was fantastic her massage was on point always making sure if I was okay definitely RTM

  29. She is a beautiful MILF, tall & silm with good nice figure, tatoos on body and pretty looking face. Friendly and service orientated lady who can do BM well (at least enough strength and knows how to press) yet playful and wild enough to trigger your inner desire and can make you beg her for more. Very friendly and accomodating too, place is near MRT and easy to find, room is clean and tidy and she is well equip to torture you. RTM is 100% Yes! YES! YES!

  30. Had an early session with the sexy lady yesterday.
    Comments are real and had a great time.
    Great massage skills with magical hands~
    Definitely will RTM.

  31. Had a morning session.
    The room is clean and comfortable.
    Massage skill is top notch.
    Love the conversation.
    The tits are huge and nice!
    Really knows what a man needs!
    Worth the visit!

  32. First time trying, pleasant experience! Friendly & make you feel at home! Really destressing & I had a great time!

  33. Year 2020, will be an impressive year, Li Li has a good body for both massage and SM services, for brothers out there looking for good service and nice attitude, she is the girl to look for. Not a time rusher and her room is clean and spacious, very comfortable. I will be leaving for good, please give her your support. Thank you.

  34. First time made an appointment with Li Li , a beautiful local lady with a tall and sexy body, her room is spacious and clean. I like her SM service, standing on my body with her sexy high thin stilettos heels makes my fantasy comes true. Her body and height is perfect for SM service which other girls are no match for it. Highly recommended. She also can provide professional massage which makes me feels very comfortable. Will be her regular customer for sure. She has a high class feel which no regrets spending time with her.

  35. 高挑的美女,模特儿的身材和高度, 按摩的力道十足非常专业, 身穿性感睡衣 还有美丽的高跟鞋, 态度很好 感觉亲切, 环境非常干净。 女王服务一流, 难得找到有这样先天条件的女王, 肯定要个90分钟的服务, 完全满足了我所有的欲望。 肯定会是她的常客因为没有别的女孩能做得到。

  36. Finally found the lady of my dream, Li Li has the perfect height and weight for SM and professional massage. Tall , sexy and beautiful is the words that I can truly justify for this lady, room is very clean and comfortable, I requested a 90 minutes session and it started off with a professional massage which makes me feels so relaxing and comfortable, strength and methods are there which ease off my tiredness from a long hours day of work. She was wearing a see through night grown with getting under it which was such a turn on, I request for a trampling SM service which she does it well with 2 deep heels marks on my chest, I wanted her to put all her weight on the 5mm thin heels on my chest and she did it sexily. I will be her long term customer for sure as such nice lady is hard to find.

  37. Today just pay a visit to this gem
    And get a very good massage from her
    Her massage is like the real massage tuina shop

    Looks 9/10 same as photo
    massage 9/10 this is a real massage
    hj 10/10 u try it u know it
    highly recommend

  38. Visited her 3 times already, it is good for bro who need massage and jg to regain power.
    Looks:9 – To me, pleasant looking
    Massage: 9 – Good Strength
    HJ:10 – No words to describe. One of the best cums in my life.
    RTM: Yes for sure

  39. Today went to book this lady. Upon entering, place was very clean and had a comfortable feel which makes me feel at ease and relaxed! Massage strength will be according to your preference which I really find it very good. One thing that I must compliment is the 抓根 which her magical hands make me enjoy to the maximum the whole session. Will definitely rtm! Give her a try and I believe you will feel the same like me! Worth the $$$ and no regrets!!

  40. Superb service by this gem. I tried many massage ladies in the past few years. Honestly I seldom write fr, but this lady is really good. She has great massage techniques and very humble character.
    Looks – prettier than photos
    Service – best all out to please
    Massage – good massage skills and techniques
    Hj – sensual n patiently done

  41. Likely one of the best for massage lady around. Chatty, very nice natural boobs and good massage skills.

    Usually I don’t try massage but will definitely return for her. Nice personality too.

    Worth supporting.

  42. Almost every week will visit 丽丽 at least one time.

    Look: looked pretty and sexy, same as picture – 10/10
    Figure: nice body shape – 10/10
    GFE: strong girl friend feel, like to smile and very friendly, won’t feel boring even first time visit – 10/10
    Location: easy to find and the place was clean & tidy – 10/10
    HJ: trust me, you will enjoy it – 10/10
    Massage: professional and skilful – 10/10

    Highly Recommended to Everybody and Please Take Good Care of Her.

  43. Great figure! Good massage.. A very nice n polite lady, had book her two hours just to enjoy her massage and able to chit chat more instead too..

    Highly recommended for brothers.. Cheers!!

  44. Calling all MILF lovers. This is one MILF who will sex you up. Mongolian blood makes her an elegant leggy beauty who’s eager to please. Oriental facial features that make you think you’re dating a palace servant. Almost korean features. Massage with strength and teasing HJ. Round firm B boobies with perky nips. Discreet location. Cosy place clean and tidy. Overall 9/10

  45. Everyone who came out from a session with her will agree that this lady can massage really well. Her massage is the type that you would expect from professional spas. Good value for money. Will definitely rtm!

  46. 此女孩 按摩手法很好 深入且到位 聊天態度也很棒 整體表現令人難以忘懷 非常推薦!

  47. Nice and good attentative massage. Really hit the correct spot. Her prostrate massage was very well done too. Worth a visit!

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