Karen (Nude Nuru B2B Msg + HJ)

身材超火辣的苗条按摩美女,爽到极点的水床努鲁裸体B2B按摩,激发你身体每一处的敏感部位,最专业的中泰式按摩,让你爽到爆的打飞机!!! Karen is a chio lady with slim hot hourglass body, she provides fully nude Japanese Water Bed Nuru Gel B2B Erotic Massage which will trigger every part of your sensitive body and you will be so high in ecstasy. She is equipped with truly authentic professional massage skills, and she combined both the essence of Chinese and Thai Massage in such a way that it will ease all your tired and painful body. She has good knowledge on JuaGen techniques, a good treatment for bros who need to give your manhood a good maintenance and recuperate. Her sensual stimulating HJ is a good way to end the session and you will walk out her place fully refreshed and rejuvenated. Do not miss it, this is the place for you to experience the true enjoyment of Japanese Nuru Gel B2B Massage, what are you waiting for, call her right now!!!


She now also provide Erotic Sensual Octopus HJ Chair (情趣牛魔王八爪飞机椅), Die Die Must Try!!!

Check up her JG Video Below (往下拉观看她的抓根视频)

Japanese Water Bed Nuru Gel B2B Nuru Erotic Massage (全裸水床努鲁水凝胶B2B按摩)

Professional Massage (专业按摩)

JuaGen (抓根)

JuaGen Video (抓根视频)

Erotic Sensual Octopus HJ Chair (情趣牛魔王八爪飞机椅)

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★ Please tell her you saw her ads on [sgbeautycastle]! 约她时请说在 [美丽城堡] 看到她的广告! ★

Location: Joo Chiat (如切)

Bio Data
Name: Karen
Age: 29
Looks: Refer to pictures
Height: 1.73m
Weight: 49kg
Boobs: 34’B’ (All Natural)

Service Provided
☑ Shower Together [鸳鸯浴] ☑
☑ Full Body Autoroaming [全身触摸] ☑
☑ Fully Nude Massage [全裸按摩] ☑
☑ Head/Neck/Shoulder Massage [头部/颈部/肩部按摩] ☑
☑ Full Body Authentic Chinese/Shiatsu Massage [全身中式穴位指压按摩] ☑
☑ Full Body Oil Tuina Massage [全身经络推油推拿] ☑
☑ Lymphatic Drainage Massage [精油开背,全身淋巴排毒] ☑
☑ Digesting Healthcare Massage [肠胃保养] ☑
☑ Japanese Nuru Gel B2B Massage [日本努鲁水凝胶B2B按摩] ☑
☑ Catbath / Sexy Body Massage [舔奶头 / 舌尖漫游 / 指划调情 / 性感按摩] ☑
☑ Breast Massage [性感波推] ☑
☑ Prostate Manhood Massage [前列腺保养] ☑
☑ JuaGen [抓根] ☑
☑ HDLY [海底捞月] ☑
☑ HJ [打飞机] ☑
☑ Erotic Sensual Octopus HJ Chair [情趣牛魔王八爪飞机椅] ***NEW*** ☑
☑ Artificial Vagina HJ [仿真阴道打飞机] ***NEW*** ☑
☑ Pubic Hair Trimming [专业抓根] ☑
☑ GFE [女朋友的感觉] ☑

✖ Strictly NOT Allowed: Totally No BJ & FJ, so please respect her. Other Intimacies Depends on your chemistry with her!!! ✖

Damage (Room Included)
❉ $100/60 mins/Full Body Massage + JG + 1 x HJ ❉
❉ $120/60 mins/Full Body Authentic Massage + Pubic Hair Trimming + 1 x HJ ❉
❉ $130/60 mins/Full Body Authentic Massage + 1 x Artificial Vagina HJ ❉
❉ $130/60 mins/Full Body Massage + Jap Nuru B2B Massage or either Erotic Sensual Octopus HJ Chair + 1 x HJ ❉
❉ $170/90 mins/Full Body Massage + Jap Nuru B2B Massage + JG + 2 x HJ ❉
☞ Due to time constraint, it is impossible to finish all the service within the time frame. So you may mix & match the services within the stipulated timing ☜


  1. Difficult booking slot but once successful make appointment for red chair therapy she will tie you and stroke you on chair and juice you slowly until your shake run dry dry, most shoik part is she also poke into your arse hole with finger and dig your sensetive prostrate while at same time perform sensual hj on your dicky until you can’t tahann and shoot in estacy. Think she is only one around to deliver this type of service.

  2. Had an early session with Karen this morning. Tall, slender and snow-white skin and thus no big boobs. Ok for me as I told her that I don’t mind them being small as it lets me become their childhood friend (from small play till big) as she broke into laughter as it’s her 1st time hearing of such meaning. Had a quick shower and upon drying, ask her if she can let me have an memorable experience. She without replying, playfully led me to her octopus chair. Once on, she playfully whispered that she is about to begin. Her skills were truly awesome from my back slowly making her way to my front. Teasing and exploring she went, not even my chrysanthemum was spared. (She did ask before touching) Her teasing was heavenly and it wasn’t before long she seemed to be able to sense that I am almost there. She skillful managed to prevent me from erupting. To and fro she took me to the moon and back. The ecstacy and excitement really isn’t for those with a weak heart. It was after numerous pleading, she knows I have really hit the ceiling and milked me thoroughly. Truly unforgettable and definitely worth going for. Do note that she appreciates punctuality and being respectful to her. I personally have experienced it.

  3. 今早约了姐姐,人长得漂亮 身材也保养得很好。皮肤又白又滑。洗澡后,我便问姐姐能不能给我一个难以忘怀得体验。姐姐二话不说便笑嘻嘻得牵着我手去体验她那情趣椅。一旦坐上她就害羞得说 哥哥我要开始咯。手法果真巧妙。背对着她 姐姐在我身后不停得调动 从后玩到前。姐姐几乎知道我快不行了便暖后 再我耳边倾诉 不准哪么快哦,我要让你多次飞上天。如同所言我也不知快活了多少会。姐姐看我因太刺激了,苦苦哀求下取我精了。整个过程相当享受。兄弟们可别错过。又值又赞。必须注意的是约好要准时。要尊重她。你对她好,她对妳更好。我亲身体验过了。

  4. Karen is everything you can dream of, possibly the best sensual masseuse in this site, if not, she’s the best in my books at least ! (: tall and slender sexy legs and beautiful natural boobs. Overall the session was filled with good talks and very sensual services that will leave you wondering if you paid enough 😉 (she also speaks English rather well)
    Tried the octopus chair and I told her that I usually finish pretty quickly, she used her exceptional skills to make sure that I can control it as the release will be alot more worth it. It was so good and her body really makes you want to fj. I asked her if I could and she was very strict that she doesn’t do fj no matter what the price. I totally respect that.

    True enough, as per many reviews on this page, it is the best release I’ve ever had. I will definitely without fail come back when I can!!

    Looks : 10/10
    GFE : 11/10
    Body : 10/10
    Octopus chair experience: 100000/10 !!

    Very clean and discreet place,

  5. Yes solid no horse run! All horses run away behind direction so left with best horse to run. Worth visit.

  6. Last visit tried her octopus red chair and was enjoyable cos she took time to slowly stroke and pump my juice out and experience was grrate, none the same can be said for my 2 visit last week where prevoius very good service and many other things to make your yearn for are downsized to bare badic simple, so element that i probably will visit her again in the far far future… Karen

  7. This is my first ever FR, and I am writing this because the kind of service level and attitude that Karen displayed was out of this world.
    Made an appointment with her in the morning and luckily she was available. Tip: if you made an appointment the night before, better to remind her again on the day itself. She is too busy and sometimes can forget. The parking was very convenient.
    Went up and I was greeted with a very well maintained room with soft music playing in the background. And, as mentioned, there it was: the octopus chair! It looked so sensual and straight out of AV movies that I got hard straight away. Karen seemed to notice it and she put her hands down my pants while locking her lips to mine in a passionate kiss. Then, as abruptly as it started, she pulled herself away and whispered to me: “you are mine…”
    Then she made me strip bare naked and go shower while she watched. Maybe it was her tall figure that made her have this natural air of mistress. Or maybe it was me that was not used to having someone watching me shower. My little brother was a hard rod throughout. I couldn’t wait for the action to begin. So, I quickly let the water run over me and wanted to wipe down. But Karen, with a flick of her finger, indicated to me to let her inspect my little brother. I obediently took a few steps towards her so that she could grab my balls before sliding her hand up to pull back the foreskin and inspected my little brother. She wasn’t satisfied. She gave it a smack and asked me to wash again.
    Finally, I passed her inspection and proceeded to the octopus chair. Karen was very conscious of hygiene and had towels placed over the chair before asking me to face the chair and kneel on it with my legs apart. The way the chair was designed, the position I was in had my butt out towards her and she had easy access to my balls and little brother. She started by giving me a smack on the butt and pinching my nipples. With one hand toying with my nipple, the other hand started caressing my butt, balls and little brother. As I couldn’t see her, I didn’t know where she was going to touch next and that anticipation heightened my arousal. And she was a very skilled sensual masseur. She knew exactly where to touch. And when to pause.
    I wished the time would stop there and I could enjoy these waves of ecstacy longer. But after about half an hour, Karen asked me to turn in front and sit on the chair while she took out a pair of hand-cuffs to tie my hands above my head to the bars on top of the chair. Then she sat on my thigh while playing with my little brother and nipples. By now, she has taken off her top and her silky fair skin was in close contact with my body, making my little brother mari kita even harder. She ordered me to not cum till she gave me permission. So, she repeatedly brought me to the edge and just before I was about to explode, she would pause and let the heat go down. After almost an hour, she finally took mercy on me and allowed me to explode. Oh boy, a nuclear explosion it was! I didn’t know that repeated edging before ejaculation had this kind of power.
    After that, I collapsed. I felt all energy drained from my body. But I was in bliss.
    Karen let me be for a while. Then she pulled me over to the massage bed and gave me a very relaxing massage till the end of the 1.5hr session.

    1. Nice. Is the lady in the first video the same as the ones in the picture? Or is the video just an example of the massage?

  8. I visited Karen after reading the review of her red octupus chair.

    Better book her early because very hard to get a slot as she is popular!

    Arrived early but needed to wait as she is with another customer. However, she is right on time and met me on my appointed time 🙂

    We started with nuru and I already cannot contol already, because she is so sensual!!! We showered seperately and she led me to the massage bed and continued to work on my tired body.

    Before long it was time and I decided to add another 30min as I want to try the red-octupus chair. Was lucky because she happened to be free.

    Was a bit nervous at the start but she was ever so gentle and sensual. I finally cannot control anymore and shot a good load. She even commented I came a lot compared to her other customers :):)

    I will definitely see her again. I like her 🙂

    Looks: 9/10
    Body: 9/10
    Massage: 8-9/10
    Nuru: 8/10 (i first time, so i am quite satisfied)
    Chair: 10/10 (explosive experience!!!)

  9. Slim figured MILF, looks pretty imo, her Red Octopus Chair is a must try. Seated on it when she will chain your both wraist and relax to enjoy her slow tourture, she is slow and paitent and is vety willing to please you and enjoy stroking your manhood and takes her time to milk you, and milk you till you finally burst into estascy. Best of all she does this skillfully in a seductive way that can make your imagination run wild! At the end of chair session she even added a little surprise by poking into your arse and gently stimulate and f++k it till you shiver and release all you load concurrently. Her Octopus Chair experience is a mix of the best of all HJ and JG with a little naughty SM feel and imo, this is perhaps the best in Singapore! RTM is YES!

  10. Very friendly and accommodating lady.
    Discreet location and easy to find.
    Clean and spacious studio flat.
    She’s a GEM …..so please treat her well.

  11. This is my first time going for a nuru and I must say karen is very experienced in her nuru massage. She does not look at the time and make sure you are well take care of. One of the best nuru I had even went.

  12. Quick MR on Karen after viewing her thread. She can also speak English.

    Massage: 10/10 (have her full score for the excellent hard pressing and the gfe feeling massage)
    Looks: 8/10 (nice looking for me considering my age, not for SYT fan. I have generation gap with SYT. )
    JG: 9/10 (remarkable!)
    RTM: yes!

  13. Tried Karen a few days ago.
    She is pleasant looking, has model height (about 1.73m), slim figure with no belly, small natural boobs (expected for such a figure).
    Had Nuru massage (my 1st time), and the feeling + excitement was out of the world (like being an actor in Japanese AV). Then we showered separately, and proceeded to the massage bed. She has full control of my little bro, and teasing was super enjoyable.
    I finally surrendered.
    Apartment is clean and spacious, with attached shower.
    I have yet to try the red chair and may do so for my next visit.
    Highly recommended. Do support her. – funny4sg

  14. I have to say, she’s definitely a hard working one.
    She was very patient with me despite me being new with this.
    I had a little trouble trying to find her place but managed to find it after I understood.

    Her massages were on point and she could tell that I was very tired from working.
    Thinking back about the experience has gotten me hard again 
    Definitely recommend.

  15. I went to Karen for massage again the day before yesterday, although during the covid19 period, please rest assured that she is very personally conscious, and the cleanliness of the apartment is spotless, the cleanest apartment I have ever seen. No need to say more about the massage technique. You can see from other customers’ evaluations. If you want to find a beautiful, decent and professional masseur, Karen is definitely your best choice. As for those who want to If you want FJ service, don’t even think about it, she doesn’t provide it.

  16. Pleasant looking, no nonsense but very skillful masseuse. She will relax your tired muscle & you can have a restful hour. Her prostate massage is heavenly & value for money. Highly recommended

  17. Visited Karen recently. A charming and friendly lady! Stay in a private apartment. proper shower and massage bed. Welcome you in sexy lace, set up soothing light and music to create an ambience environment. Can feel she is very experienced as pressing the right accu oint. Great massage overall. Her HDLY and JG is equally sensational. Very dedicated with her service. Will definitely RTM.

  18. I found myself bored and horny on Saturday and figured an erotic massage would tick all the boxes. I had a couple of hours to spare so I figured, why not look for a good masseuse for a good massage…

    As I reached her door, a stunningly cute Karen greeted me with a huge smile and wearing overalls came bounding from the back and gave me a warm hello. Having seen her dress I got an instant hard-on already…

    Following the small talk, I settled down to enjoy the massage. Karen’s massage technique turned out to be top notch, she right away started attacking my knotted muscles with full muay thai rules, elbows were deployed and it was firm but not to the point of pain. She clearly had been well trained, I’ve had so many massages by now that I can tell without a couple of minutes if a girl is a rookie or a veteran.

    The best part about Karen was her focus and attention, she didn’t just stare off into space as she HJ me but instead she stared me in the eyes, got close to my cock to inspect her handiwork and even once kissed my neck. At this point I was in heaven and my hips were bucking a little as Karen slowly ran her oily hand up and down the shaft before rubbing the head, this continued for until cum hard I blew with my hips bucking.

    She then gently wiped me down and ushered me into the shower.

    I subsequently left her place a very happy and relaxed man. You bet I will definitely RTM!

  19. Very friendly lady, a chatty person. Feels comfortable talking to her. Not a time watcher. Assure me she will have enough time to make me cum and so did she.

    Shot a whole load of cum on her hands as she asked for more while touching and tickling my balls and ass.

    She’s a definite gem and I’m returning to her next week.

    One piece of advice 90mins isn’t enough brothers. Make it 3-4 hours.
    At the same time I hate writing this comment because I know my gem will get so popular and get even busier than she already is.

  20. She was sooo good yesterday.
    Location easy 2 find, public car park, but no train station, no sign-in security, need lift pin code.
    Premises big, clean, cool, comfortable, but shower cubicle too small, massage bed.
    Massage good skills, real deal, oils, very professional.
    On my preferred list.

  21. Just had a 90mins session with Karen. It was a new experience for me as I have not try nuru massage before. Location is very discreet and is super cozy. I could not believe what I have saw! She is pretty and her body is slim and tall I swear. I was tasked to shower and lie onto the nuru massage bed. This is where everything begins. I enjoy then b2b nuru massage and it is really shiok and sensual. She really does know what a man needs and how to pleasure a man. It just feels so relaxing. Her GFE is also gao gao as compared to others. She has good strength for massage as she is able to ease my body aches that I had from work. Her massage is defitnely better than those normal spa outside. Left as a happy man with two shots! Karen is the only girl so far that can unload me twice.😊😊 Brothers please treat this gem well! 😊😊

    Looks: 9/10
    Massage: 10/10
    Body: 9/10
    GFE: 10/10
    HJ: 10/10
    RTM: Defintely! She will be my regular from now on!😊
    Love you Karen❤️

  22. Just had a 90 minute session with Karen and never regretted. Nothing more to ask of a tall, slim and pretty masseuse soothing your tired muscles and providing some much needed happy ending. And for guys into serious juagen, be sure to try her skills and you won’t be disappointed. Location is quiet and discrete, with ample parking nearby for drivers. Give her a try and you’ll be back for more!

  23. I don’t usually write FRs but Karen has got to be the best I’ve had so far. I opted to try her 90 min session and I was certainly not let down by her service. Promised her today that I’d write a review to spread the love

    Location: Cozy and discrete location.

    Massage: She put a lot of work in the nuru massage but I felt her regular massage was the best. Was very thorough and had amazing control. Could really feel that my blood circulation had improved after the massage.

    Looks: She’s really pretty and has a nice body

    GFE: She’s very friendly and never failed to put me at ease. A plus that her English is fairly decent as well.

    RTM: Definitely, the massage alone warrants a round 2

  24. I made a 90 min booking for the Jap B2B massage with Karen on the weekend. From the initial contact to the final directions were always clear and concise. The room was spotless and clean and easy to find.
    Karen is a tall lady and very nice looking with a great body and we enjoyed the shower time together as I am quite tall as well. The massage was as great as I have not had a Jap B2B for a very long time and I loved it, followed by good strong massage to close off the session. Overall a really good enjoyable experience with Karen, a good way to spend an afternoon.

  25. I had a 90 minute booking with Karen on the weekend for a Jap B2B massage

    The initial contact and directions to her room were clear and concise in a good location, the room was very clean and tidy.

    The starting shower was good fun together as I am also quite tall followed by the Nuru massage which was fantastic.

    A nice strong massage with great HDLY skills set to really finish me off once again.

    Karen is a nice looking lady with good English with pleasant personality and I shall return again very soon.

  26. Just had a 90min package with her yesterday afternoon.
    Place- east side. Clean and Nice environment.
    Look-7 Milf tall lady.
    Massage-9. She know her stuff well. Very good massage skillful.
    Service-8. Can break the ice easily and great talker.
    Bro who need a good massage and release. look no further….she is the one.

  27. Promised her a FR yesterday. This is one of the rare occasions where I do and of course it must be worth it to do so.

    So yeah here goes:

    Location: East
    Room: Clean/Spacious/Neat
    Looks: 7 (Jap MILF look, I like her hair)
    Body: Slim/Tall
    Boobs: B
    Service I had: Jap B2B (Nuru) + Full Body Massage with HJ
    Massage Experience: She’s extremely hardworking and definitely not a time watcher. It took me quite some time to cum as I had some drinks prior and she really work her socks off to milk me. She has a nice slender body and it feels good for me especially the B2B massage. On my full body massage, she applies a good amount of strength as she wants to genuinely release the tensions we have in our body.
    GFE: Resounding yes! She’s very friendly the moment i entered the room and we click quite well as probably I manage to strike a conversation which drew an extreme response as she’s a fanatic for that activity. She shows her cute girly side which melted my heart
    RTM: Yes
    Damage and Services: Mentioned in this post

  28. Yes tried her last week but until now keep thinking of her.
    Place very cosy,she is a very lovely milf very smooth skin.
    Start the section with a very nice n smooth massage and
    She know how to please a man n relief your tiredness.
    Come to hdly wah…buay tahan her finger is so long n smooth
    I only can say is shiok.
    Tis time round I only try her massage next time round i wanna try
    Her nuru b2b. Hehe

  29. Had a session with her a few days ago.
    Clean studio apartment and shower cubicle has no moss. Fresh towels provided for me to bathe and on the proper large massage bed.

    Opted for 90 mins massage with 2 HJ. First round HJ was SOP. Karen did a proper massage using oil with strength. Covered my neck, shoulder and lower back fully. I asked for and got a hard massage to relieve stiffness at neck and shoulders. No complaints about the massage. Second round HJ was mix of JG and sensual stroking with oil. Black bra removed and 4G roaming allowed. She said no digging and I obliged. Bush is trimmed short. If she had suggested FJ with painting, I could not have resisted. But neither she nor I initiated going further. I shot my second load. Still time remaining so she gave me a head massage for remaining time

    Proceeded to shower by myself. Chatted a while after dressing up. Paid and left. Whole session took exactly 90 mins.

    Confirm will return for more.

  30. Would definitely come back just for the massage! Did 90 B2B but had i known her massage i would just opt for 90 mins full body massage! I had a stiff neck and back and she fixed me up good!

  31. Tried her nuru & jg, fantastic. Not 100% like those Jap AV but close enough. Her JG is great. Her massage makes u feel relaxed.

  32. A very friendly person. Gets playful when she’s comfortable with you.
    She massages well, strong hard massage. Service oriented and not a time watcher.
    Satisfied with all 3 times I visited her

  33. Have been returning to this wonderful lady for my weekly dose of body and sensual massage ever since last October. A very diligent masseuse that never cut corners to compromise on massage quality and your enjoyment. Able to engage in intellectual discussions while she’s working on your sore muscles. Overall, a wonderful experience for those looking forward to a good body massage, manhood massage and a very happy ending. Highly recommended to all bros for her professionalism and positive attitude to work that’s worth every penny of your hard earned cash!

  34. Usually I don’t write MR, but I felt she deserve a good push.

    Opt for the Nuru massage, her B2B massage is shiok and relaxing at the same time. She helped me released the 1st round shortly after with HJ.

    After shower, that was followed by a full body massage. Her strength is good, helped relax my muscles a lot. We chat quite a lot and realised she had a lot of experience, that explains her very customer oriented service. Her character is also very straight forward, which I enjoy talking to her.

    After the body massage, she offered to help on a 2nd round HJ, but I must have been too tired (and shiok from the massage). But she still make my 2IC stand up in such a short time for an elderly man….

    As time is up soon, I showered and she pour water for me.
    I totally enjoyed the massage and recommend her for any bros looking for a good massage

  35. Tried Karen yesterday, last min feel like relaxing so happen to see her in here so message her if there is a free slot. She replied and off I go to relax. Upon reaching the place is familiar. Once door open I am not disappoint Ted by her looks. She live in a single bedroom alone spacious and clean. After bath ask for 2 shots her hj is good I shoot in no time after roaming around her fabulous body. She say she is consider fat already, I say if she consider fat I cannot find slim gal already… When she tried to message me she try to use all her strength and press kneeling stepping and bro i must say u all should tried her old massage, one of the most relaxing i ever had. After finish message she does the bm and my brother straight away marikita roam around her body and she started kissing my nipper and moan . Cannot stand any longer so shoot my 2nd round. Than she happily say she have squeeze me dry already at least for the next hour I should be dry. I say well times is up if not I will pay for another hour to see if I am really dry….

    Love her hj, bm and her body, looks wise not bad and will grow on you. Boobs is soft and tender ass is firm…. What else can you ask for men. Rtm yes!!

  36. A full 90 min session of nuru and body massage that left me smiling & totally relaxed when I left. Karen is one of the best professional masseuses in town. With a model height & figure, I do not need to look elsewhere for my regular therapy sessions. Location is discrete with ample parking nearby.

  37. Went to visit Karen yesterday (last slot) as my backache came back. Location is discreet and plenty of parking available. Reached there 15 mins earlier and waited for Karen’s instruction to proceed up to the unit. Was greeted by a tall, slim and pretty lady. She asked me if I wanted to have a quick shower if I did. Opted for the nuru package, my first time. It was really good that I almost went to sleep. During the session, Karen will be fully dressed down. My two cents worth are as follows:

    Looks: Pretty and looks will grow on you
    Body: Slim and tall (Model Height). Well maintained.
    Boobs: B with super sensitive nips (be gentle)
    Massage: Told her of my back problem and she worked her magic. Even though I was the last one for the day, can see her putting in effort. In between, she answered a phone call (a bro who wanted to book late), did so by apologising to me first but I am perfectly ok with that.
    HJ: Really awesome, first was during Nuru. Performed HDLY on you and I came. She commented that my 2IC is big. 2nd HJ was during the dry massage. Again, unloaded my armies in her soft hands. Showered with her after nuru.
    RTM: Definitely once Vitamin M replenishes.

    Didn’t try Juagen but will consider it next time. Karen is definitely not a time watcher but because massage is so good that time flies too fast. Offered me a drink and we chit chatted before time was up. Left a happy bro. Please take care of this gem.

  38. Finally managed to get a slot with Karen, tried several times but always wrong timing.

    I know Karen for a couple of years and I would say her massage skill keep improving.

    I dun think I am able to find another gal with good looking and good massage. She did her job well and definitely not a time watcher.

    Strongly recommend to bro who is looking for good massage and good looking gal.


  39. After much effort, i have finally managed to secure a slot with Karen.

    Arrived at her place but was requested to wait because the customer in front of me was late for his slot so i have to wait for awhile.

    To be honest, she is definitely worth the wait. Soon it was my turn and i went up to her cosy apartment and was greeted by a long legged beauty. She may not seem to be attractive at first sight but trust my words, her beauty will grow on you.

    After agreeing on what i wanted, she proceed to give me her famed nuru massage. It was beyond my imagination. Bros who watch jap av before will know what i meant. Before long she skillful hands brought out my tiny armies as i signal my surrender by cumming in her hands.

    After bathing together she proceed to give me one of the best massage i have experienced.

    Before too long, with much regret my time is up. I swear to myself i will book her slot again when i have the time.

    To give her a grading would do her injustice as i felt that you have to experience it yourself to know what i meant

  40. Booked a 90 mins session with Karen. Her B2B and HJ is the best i had experienced. Massage was good too as my aching muscles got loosen and relaxed.

    Was greeted by a slim, tall and long haired beauty. Her smile captivated me straight from the start. My 2IC immediately went mari kita. She then proceeded to undress me and we head into the shower. In the shower, she keep teasing me and I had to hurry both of us to faster finish showering as I am beginning to get really steamed and high.

    Opted for her B2B and there was no regrets. A B2B full of passion and love and followed up with a BM and grinding of her pussy against my dick. I tried to hold it in as long as I can but I shot in a short time.

    After washing up, follow by a massage and clean up. Promised her will be back very soon.

  41. First time writing. I went several times already. The best out there, cause i keep coming back for more.

    Location: Very discreet.
    Room: Comfy laid back.
    Massage: Very good and strong

    But her nuru is the best. The way she caress your body and your 2IC. Very good at teasing, will make you moan. Really. And she take her time.
    She will help you shower(if you want to) and once, i got hard just by that. Best part when she stroke you from behind.
    Her massage is really good like what other bros mentioned. Will not dwell in that.

    One thing a really plus point is she really will be gentle and will not rush(cause i always encounter ml that rushed it, so boring). She tease alot. So when you explode, its intense. Very intense. And she will continue stroke gently squeezing those boys dry. Amazing.
    And she understand english too.

    You will never look for others after you tried her, trust me. (But don’t all book, i no slot ah. Hahaha.)

  42. Visited Karen yesterday and promise her a posting.
    Have visited her many times. Her Nuru massage is fantastic and it never fail me.
    Her HJ always make me unloaded fully, no chance for 2nd round.
    Her normal massage is good too. Strong but very relaxing.
    The JG is good too. Worth trying….

    Looks: Tall and Beautiful (Model Height)
    Location: Discreet but plenty of parking space
    GFE. Chatty and very friendly
    RTM: Already more than 10 X…

  43. Just had a 60 min session with Karen last night. First time trying nuru massage and I have to say wow, it’s the best experience I’ve had

    Location: Discreet and cozy standalone
    Looks: Foxy milf, got a bit of jap feel

    My booking got pushed half hour back because she said the previous customer was late but I was ok with it.
    When she opened the door, was greeted with a tall slim lady in red night gown. Went straight to shower and when I came out, she was standing just outside already naked, preparing the nuru. I still can remember that nice round ass and i got really excited.

    Laid down on the bed facing down, then she started rubbing nuru oil and I felt her soft perky tits on my back it feels so good. Shortly after, turned over and she lay on top of me and rubbing her sexy body against mine. This part is the best, I could feel her pussy against my cock and tummy, sliding up and down. So hard to resist! The fake fucking was so hot, I grabbed her ass and slide her up and down, her hands squeezing my cock, and she gave me some light kisses on my neck and her moans made me go crazy and she whispered “uhh so hot”. It wasn’t long until I came all over, some got onto her tummy.

    We both went and shower and the next half of the session was the usual finger press massage. You can choose oil massage if you want.

    Once the deed was done, I dressed up and she offered me water and chatted a little.

    She’s very friendly and makes you feel comfortable

    RTM: Of course! Next time will be a 90 min session, just because I want the nuru massage to be a little longer 😉

  44. Massage was good. Using more of hands than elbows which happened in other ML. B2B massage was steamy, if you know how to tease her, she will make you even more horny. Most of my time was used for roaming and left little time for massage and never regret. One of the better ML I have met. She was so nice to come and fetch me although I knew my way up. 走过,路过,别错过.

  45. Just wanted a short rest, a bit of stimulation, and release. Place was easy to find, lots of parking roadside and gantry also. No coffeeshop but a 711 nearby. Huge single studio apartment. She is tall, slim, nice shape, pretty face, trimmed bush, smooth skin. We were two naked bodies rolling about, twisting about, touching, feeling, rubbing, sliding, getting excited, with oil, cunt juice, and jizz. Totally relaxing time, and totally relaxed afterwards. Highly recommended.

  46. I have been a customer of Karen for several years already, so I want to to post a review here to show my support for this nice girl.

    Looks: Karen is very tall, above 1.7m, with long legs, slightly tanned skin, and slim body. If you like the sporty supermodel look, Joyce is the girl for you. I believe she is an ex-model. Her looks are very close to her photos.

    Massage: Professional level massage. She has been massaging for a long time, and she knows her stuff.

    Nuru: Interesting experience. She has a nuru mattress and nuru gel, just like in Japanese JAV. I tried nuru a couple of times, but now I just opt for normal massage and HJ. She does normal HJ very skillfully. She knows how to push all my buttons!

    GFE: Joyce has been in SG for a long time, so she is very localised. Although she is from PRC, getting a massage from her is like getting a massage from your hot neighbor. I find I can connect well with her and she makes the session very enjoyable.

    Overall: She is my regular massage girl and I will be back to see her again soon.

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