Cara (Fully Nude Nuru B2B Msg)

Photos 100% same as person!!! Fully Nude Japanese B2B Nuru Gel Massage With Water Bed!!! There’s nothing more satisfying and pleasuring than enjoying the erotic sensual feeling of Nuru Gel Massage. Cara is a professional masseuse with many years of massage experience, she has the looks of a taiwanese meimei (台妹) which you will confirm fall in love with her. Feel the deeper sense of excitement and pleasure of ecstasy while she covers her entire naked body with nuru gel, rub and slide against you with her tits, ass and pussy. Relax and untense your entire body while you’re always guaranteed a happy ending as she fulfilled all your fantasies by giving you the most rare and sexiting Japanese B2B Nuru Gel Massage. During HJ, she will also give you a mind-blowing breast fuck, confirmed shiok to the max, you will surrender to her in no time!! So bros that are tired or need a real good massage to ease your painful body, and looking for an amazing spectacular happy ending, you know she is the right choice to go to. Bros that are into Nuru Massage, you die die must try once in a lifetime, don’t miss it, pick up the phone and call her RIGHT NOW!!


❉ Japanese Fully Nude B2B Water Bed Nuru Massage (日本B2B水床水凝胶按摩) ❉

Newly Optional Added Service: Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Painless Hair Removing Machine / lPL冰点无痛脱毛机
Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL) is a skin treatment process performed using an enhanced wand of light and energy. It is use to remove excessive or unwanted hair. Hair removal procedures are performed using IPL machine, which delivers short, intense burst of broad spectrum light to the skin treatment area, it sends out scattered wavelengths of diffused light across the treatment area. IPL hair removal can permanently reduce or eliminate hair growth in the treatment area. The light emitted during IPL hair removal penetrates deep within the skin, targeting melanin, and leaving surrounding tissue untouched. Once the light reaches the hair’s root, it heats the root and hair shaft, destroying the follicle, which is responsible for hair growth. Both men and women can benefit from it and it is extremely safe, painless with no side effect. You won’t experience bruising, swelling, irritation, or scaling of the skin. This is because IPL treatments emit such a low level of light that you don’t endanger any of the layers of tissue in or around the treatment area.

❉ You need to shave your hair on that particular part you need to have the hair remove “one or two days in advance” so that the hair removing process can be done 

❉ Each part for removing hair is $80 SGD each, and requires 3 to 5 times before it can be entirely removed permanently. Please TAKE NOTE that you have to pay separately for this service!!! 


Before & After Hair Removing

Cara Massage Bed & Water Bed

Japanese Fully Nude B2B Water Bed Nuru Massage (日本B2B水床水凝胶按摩)
Nuru massage is a “sensual” full body to body massage which is done with both “giver” and “receiver” being naked, and the “giver” starts off by applying an appropriate amount of this special Nuru gel all over the “receivers” body where the “giver” starts gliding their body, and body parts (boobs or penis included) over the “receivers” body to sensually massage them, and usually finish it with a mind-blowing HJ or Breast Fuck.

Steamy Breast Fuck With Cum On Breast

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★ Please tell her you saw her ads on [sgbeautycastle]! 约她时请说在 [美丽城堡] 看到她的广告! ★

Location: Central, Near MRT Easy Parking
Environment: Big & Nice Cozy Room with Toilet Attach! Stay Alone: Yes!
Working Hours: Morning 10am to Mid-Night 12am

Bio Data
Name: Cara
Age: 26
Looks: The Looks of a 台妹, refer to pictures
Height: 1.6m
Weight: 48kg
Boobs: 36’D’ Cup (100% Natural)
Language Proficiency: Chinese & English, all races are welcomed!!!

Service Provided
☑ Shower ☑
☑ Full Body Autoroaming ☑
☑ Full Body Authentic Massage ☑
☑ Full Body Oil Tuina Massage ☑
☑ Lymphatic Drainage Detoxification Massage ☑
☑ Back Kneeling / Back Stepping ☑
Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Painless Hair Therapy [lPL冰点无痛脱毛疗程] ☑ ***Please take note this is an optional service, the damage for this service have to be pay separately ⇒The cost for each part hair removing is $80 SGD⇐***
☑ Japanese Back to Back Nuru Gel Massage ☑ ***Please take note this service only available when you opt for the ⇒FULL MASSAGE PACKAGE⇐***
☑ Breast Massage [性感胸推] ☑
☑ Breast Fuck [乳交] ☑
☑ Prostrate Maintenance [前列腺保养] ☑
☑ JG [抓根] ☑
☑ 99 HDLY [99 海底捞月] ☑
☑ 69 HJ [69 打飞机] ☑
☑ COB [射身/射胸] ☑
☑ GFE [女朋友的感觉] ☑

✖ Strictly NOT Allowed: No FJ, so please respect her. Other Intimacies depends on your chemistry with her!!! ✖

Damage (Room Included)
❉ $100/60 Mins/Authentic Massage + Step Back + Head Massage + HDLY With 1 x HJ ❉
❉ $130/60 mins/⇒ FULL MASSAGE Package ⇐ With Jap B2B Nuru Massage + Catbath & Breast Fuck + HDLY + HJ ❉
❉ $170/90 mins/⇒ FULL MASSAGE Package ⇐ With Jap B2B Nuru Massage + Back Stepping + Catbath & Breast Fuck + HDLY + 2 x HJ ❉

New Optional Added Service: ❉ Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Painless Hair Therapy [lPL冰点无痛脱毛疗程] for $80 SGD each part of hair removing ❉

☞ Due to time constraint, do tell her what service you need, as it is impossible to finish all the service within the stipulated timing ☜


  1. I had a very awsome session with her on friday
    Look 9/10 pretty
    Massage 7/10 use her foot and hands..
    Bf 10/10 best breast fuck/COB I have
    GFE Very friendly and chatty
    Rtf Definitely yes

    Good for money

  2. All I have to say is, worth every penny
    Easy to click with, gives the MILF vibes, massage us good, nuru is good, boob job is fantastic, HJ is heavenly
    1000/10 rtm

  3. she is just an angel send from heaven! We connected in so many levels that I just got hooked. That she is so so beautiful, sweet, sexy and has a smoking hot body. Honestly, if I could give you more stars I would give you the universe… Take good care of this princess, she’s worth every minute of your, hope to see you endless of times again. You rocked my world twice =)

  4. Visited her today to try the nuru gel massage. Overall experience is good. During the process, she will be moaning to your ears. Location was easy to find and alot of carparks are nearby. Apartment was neat and clean.

  5. Tried today and it was amazing. Location is near to MRT station (3 mins walk). I will return for sure. Her attitude is great and does not show any different to me even though I am not a local Singaporean

  6. Today went to Cara place at 9 plus. Services was great and also very very friendly. Love to smile, boobs were great soft and big. Massage was good too. Overall WILL RTM. Ps she is indeed beautiful

  7. I just got home and just starting to write what happened is giving me a hard on. To be honest I was bored and just chances upon her and seeing the price was reasonable and the looks quite pretty.

    Decided to write this report if not i think will not do her justice. She really remind me of those old good days therefore i must write this to return her hard work. I will write it in point form as in how i feel.

    Face 7/10
    Body 8/10
    Massage 8.5/10
    Shower 9/10
    Others 8/10
    Nuru 9/10
    Roaming 9/10
    Gfe 9/10
    Attitude 10/10
    Rtm 100/100

  8. After much effort, i have finally managed to secure a slot with Cara.

    Arrived at her place but was requested to wait as she’s on her way home very soon.

    To be honest, she is definitely worth the wait. Soon she called me, and i went up the her place and was greeted by a pretty chio busty babe. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. She may not seen attractive at first sight but trust my words, her beauty will grow on you.

    After agreeing on what i wanted, she proceed to give me her famed Nuru Massage. It was beyond my imagination. Bros who watch jap av before will know what i meant. During HJ, whe managed to brought out my tiny armies as I signal my surrender by cumming on her HUGE D CUP TITS.

    After bathing, she proceed to give me one of the best massage i have experienced.

    Times flies fast, with much regret my time is up. I swear to myself i will book her slot again when i have the time.

    To give her a grading would do her injustice as i felt you have to experience it yourself to know what i meant.

    RTM: What you think? I can’t even forget her right now.

  9. Wanted to try a different ML today and decided on Cara. Turns out to be an excellent choice.
    Looks – Very attractive, have the wife next door looks whom you wish was your own wife.
    Body – She has a gorgeous body with huge tits that is nice to suck.
    Massage – Attentive to your request and make her best efforts to relax your tensed muscle.
    Nuru – BEST EVER. i had tried many so call Nuru but Cara is surely definitely know what’s she is doing and she will really bring u to heaven.
    Sensual /HJ – Cannot tahan long seeing such a sexy young wife next door HJ me, feels like a dream come true.
    GFE – Very nice to chat to, make you feel like you are having a relaxing dating session with your pretty lover.
    RTM – Confirm. Can’t wait to quickly see this lust.

  10. Had visited Cara today, very good attitude, look good with nice figure and nice boobs. She provides hard massage, the Nuru Massage and sensual part is awesome. Overall worth the visit and every single cent is well spent.

  11. Tried Cara two days ago. Professional massage skills. Definitely not a time watcher. Had an amazing chat with her. One of the better masseur in the market. Looks: 8/10 Body: 8/10 Boobs: 9/10 Massage: 9/10 HJ: 9/10 Attitude: 10/10

  12. Cara is definitely a gem, glad i try her yesterday after seeing her advertisement on sgbeautycastles which stated b2b massage and video showing her service, decided to give her a try.

    Massage quite good and she has good strength to give me hard massage.

    Nuru send me to heaven, body to body, boobs and pussy rubbing every part of my body, never had this type of experience before, shiok man.

    Hdly really awake all my senses, damn shiok!

    Autoroam every way her body, nearly rape her, lol

    Hj best i ever tried, surrender my second shot in her hand.

    She is wild and playful, this 90 min is too short for me, nxt time will ask for 2hrs session. Definitely be her reg customer. Thank for sharing ts

  13. Just had a session with her.
    Look 9/10 pretty
    Massage 7.5/10 use her foot and hands..
    Bf 11/10 best breast fuck I have
    GFE Very friendly and chatty
    Rtf Definitely yes, she is my massage gem now.

  14. Cara is the best!! I forgot this is my how many times i book her, but i can only say that she is the bomb!! You will not regret looking for her. She is damn worth it!! Worth the time and money.

  15. MR for Cara

    She has good attitude and service , strong GFE feeling and she is playfulness , overall very enjoy .

    Look 7.5/10 looks close to photo (pretty and friendly )

    GFE: 10/10 very sweet lady, she will strip for you then shower together. the second best part is she will treat you like her lover ?


    Massage 8/10 her massage is her strong point i would say apart from using her awesome boobs , and her HDLY and Juagen is really good. catbath was super sensual and hot as well.. clean every part of my body in a naughty and sexy was.

    RTM i would say yes cause i am more of a boob person

  16. Managed to book a slot and visited Cara today. Looking at her irresistible D-sized boobs, I took a gamble. Location was not too difficult to find. Upon entering her room, it took me a while to get used to the dimmed light (to create the mood, she said).

    After a quick wash, we started on the nuru thing. Her boobs were fabulous, soft, ample, swaying with nice nips to suck on. The B2B massage was a most erotic experience. At one stage, she was rubbing her pussy over my dick. Oooh, the priceless feeling. She kept at it for a while, tempting me with her pussy just at the tip of my dick, almost daring me to push it in. Let me tell you that it took a tremendous amount of discipline and self-control not to let instinct take its course. Inevitably, I cummed before long.

    The next stage was the massage. Very relaxing, especially with her gentle soothing voice, as we engaged in small talk. “Another HJ?” she asked quietly but I know I would not have the juice to do it. So she continued to massage me till my 90 mins were up. One of the few times I left such a session a happy man.

  17. Cara is one of the best masseuse you will find here. A bit reluctant to write this fr as she may have too much business now but she is so good she deserves it. Booked her for 90 mins today, my 2nd time visiting her. Her boobs is amazing, boobs lover like me will love it deeply. Her Nuru was fantastic!!! I was lying face down and she was seated with her thighs lined up around my head and neck. She was giving me a head massage and using her thighs to rub it against my hands, slowly I was caressing her thighs and went further in. Didn’t take too long for her to climb into 69, her moaning and hj skills made me cum alot.

  18. Originally Posted by phoniex88

    Just visited Cara
    i must say her service is top notch.
    information here might be abit outdated
    but she does make it worth every dollar.
    definately not a time watcher and follow your pace
    she knows how to treat and tease you very well.

    looks 7
    boobs 8
    massage 7
    nuru massage 9
    Rtm yes

  19. Originally Posted by Dodit

    I seldom write reviews. But I’m writing one for Cara. I had a few session with this gen already. Tried her massage as well as her Nuru. Overall, I prefer her Nuru more. She is one of the best Nuru massage I have tried.

    Started off slow and nice chemistry between us. She is chatty and friendly. I like the melons on her and they are nice to fondle with. Session is slow and a lot of teasing throughout the massage.

    Strong GFE and she can chat about anything. Service provided is good for my standard. Session was slow and arousing with constant teasing and playfulness.. I like it… all sensitive areas are covered closely and sensually..

    For anyone that likes Nuru massage or want to give it a try… this gen should be tried.. my 2 cents worth…

    Definitely going to continue to RTM

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